MTB Suspension Service

MTB Suspension ServicesWe offer full factory-level service to get your bike back into prime running condition. We can also install custom tuning kits or performance upgrades from companies like Push, Vorsprung, DSD, etc.Brands serviced: most units from Fox, RockShox, DVO, Ohlins, Cane Creek, Manitou, MRP, Marzocchi, Suntour

  • Fox Nude, Fox DRCV, Fox Diad, Fox Live Valve - Call for info

  • We do not currently service the following units: Specialized Brain, Cannondale Lefty

How It WorksContact us about your service need. We can meet locally to retrieve your components (or whole bike) or you can drop off or ship to us in Smithville Ohio. When your service is finished we will schedule a time for pickup at a convenient location or provide return shipping.

FORK SERVICESCostSuggested Interval
Lower Service$50 + parts6 mo / 50 hrs
Full Factory Service$1851 yr / 150 hrs
Damper Only (out of fork, rebuild + bleed)$75 + parts1 yr / 150 hrs
Travel Adjust$50 + partsx
Spring Change (coil)$20 + partsx
Volume Spacers$20 + partsx
SHOCK SERVICESCostSuggested Interval
Air Can Service$45 + parts6 mo / 50 hrs
Inline Full Factory Service$1501 yr / 150 hrs
Reservoir Full Factory Service$2001 yr / 150 hrs
Spring Change$20 + partsx
Volume Spacer$25 + partsx
Bushing Replacement$25 + partsx

Some services are cheaper when bundled, due to the access provided by full services. Contact for more info.

Pro Suspension Setup

1-on-1 Suspension Coaching
Sometimes it’s easier to get help in person. Dirt Craft offers in-person setup help for all mountain bike suspension. We’ll meet you trail-side and help get your bike completely dialed in, working with the current suspension that you already have. This includes basic air volume or spring tuning on shock and fork, as well as dialing in pressures and clicker settings.
$150 per bike (includes installation of volume tokens or springs but not the cost of parts)

Drop-Off Setup
If you don't have the time or desire to do this process in person, drop your bike off and let us set it up for you! This process isn't quite as good as doing it together, but it will result in a bike that is a very good baseline - an excellent option if you're lost and need help.
$95 per bike (includes installation of volume tokens or springs but not the cost of parts)

Other MTB Services

Dirt Craft offers a full stack of MTB services. Check out the examples below and contact us for pricing based on your specific needs.

Custom Builds
We can build an entire bike for you! This includes custom parts spec, wheel build if necessary, complete assembly and setup.

-Custom hand-built wheelsets
-Truing / repair of existing wheels
-Tire / insert setup + installation

Brakes need constant attention to be working at their best.
Full brake service includes clean, bleed, lube pistons, and replace pads if necessary.
**$50 Per Caliper + parts **
$25 Inspection and Basic Lever Bleed (recommended annually)

Dropper Seatpost Services
We service most dropper seatposts! This component takes a beating and it's good to keep it fresh. Due to the wide variety of designs, cost is variable.

Frame Bearing Replacement
Full suspension frames need bearing attention sometimes. We have the tools and expertise to get this done the right way. This is very critical for suspension performance and longevity of frame components. We recommend 1-2 year intervals depending on riding frequency and other factors.

Everything Else
We can service almost anything. If you have a particular need, let us know!

Direct brands are awesome. They can be a great value - especially for somebody just getting into the sport. Most direct bikes arrive close to fully assembled - others need more attention. In either form, we can finish out the setup and make sure everything is trail ready. This includes a check on all nuts and bolts, wheel true if needed, installation of tire sealant, etc.
$50 final assembly + check-over only$150 comprehensive (everything from a fully boxed delivery to a trail-ready bike + basic rider setup if desired)Your Own Stuff
Have a frame that needs built up? Bought a bunch of stuff online but need help putting it together or getting it finished? We can help! Call or email for pricing estimates.

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MTB Tuning Guide

The attached file is a setup guide that can be used to find a great baseline for any mountain bike. Follow the steps and record your progress! Click the button below to contact us for a high res printable version to keep in your tool box.

About Us

Dirt Craft was established in 2021 after seeing the need for a “shop” focused on Mountain Bike specific services in Ohio. Suspension work requires specialty tools, an understanding of complex hydraulic systems, and a desire to deal with highly technical problems. We love tackling these challenges and want to provide riders in and around Ohio with quick access to the help they need. Dirt Craft is a primary mobile operation. We focus entirely on high performance bikes and we’re here to help with all of the technical questions you have. Give us a call, send a message, or stop by at a local race or wherever you see the Dirt Craft Rig!Aaron Graber leads the charge at Dirt Craft and brings over 15 years of experience riding and working on machines with demanding suspension needs.